"Ran Haklai Urban Economics"

Offers strategic and economic consulting on a variety of worldwide projects.

The firm specializes in urban planning, urban and real estate development, financing, business consulting and economic planning of infrastructure, transport systems and environmental matters within a human and urban context.

The firm was founded in 1996 by Ran Haklai and has been consulting governmental and municipal authorities, as well as the private sector, ever since and employs a team of economists and urban planners who are highly qualified in various financial instruments, including financial feasibility assessments, cost effectiveness and financial analysis for both the public and the private sector.

"Ran Haklai Urban Economics" works in collaboration with architects, physical planners, engineers, management companies and other professionals in relevant fields.


Ran Haklai – CEO

Ran Haklai has a BA degree in economics and geography, and an MA degree in geography and urban and regional planning, both obtained from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Ran teaches courses on Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets in a number of higher education institutions in Israel, including the Institute of Urban Studies at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), the Department of Urban Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem), and the Department of Architecture at the Wizo Academic Center (Haifa).


Ran has over 30 years of practical work experience in urban planning and real estate. He has been employed in key positions in both public and private sector, and has obtained a deep and thorough understanding of urban planning, urban development, real estate, environmental economics and the economics of infrastructure. Among other things, he received training also at the US Ministry of Housing in the fields of rehabilitation and urban development, real estate and mortgage financing.

In his past Ran Haklai served as the Vice Director of the Budget Department of the Israeli Ministry of Finance, responsible for the fields of economic design, construction, real estate, transport and communication. He had also served as a member of the Israeli National Council for Planning and Construction.

Ran Haklai was a Member of the Board in many companies and public organizations; including, among others, Leumi Mortgage Bank Ltd; Rothstein Assets and Construction Company Ltd; Shikun Binui - Housing and Development;  ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (formerly, ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd).

Ran Haklai had also served as the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Israeli Port Authority, Member of the Board of Directors of the Airports Authority, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature.